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Cruise Ship Journey – The Experience of Lifetime!

Everyone should experience cruise ship journey at least once. It is a journey of a lifetime and gives you the opportunity to explore different exotic locations in the most luxurious manner. To book a journey, one should always consider the services of a cruise booking agent.


Body: Cruise Ship journey is something, which everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. The journey is lavish yet affordable and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable ways of enjoying a trip. Among many destinations, the Indian cruise ship journeys are quite comfortable and luxurious. A brief on the itinerary is described below.


Destinations Covered


There are many cruise ship journey packages that feature some of the Indian ports. While some ships cruise to the Indian ports, some cruise ships start their journey from here. So, mentioned underneath are the details of the ports that are covered in such journeys:


The packages, in which, the cruise halts at the Indian ports


The itinerary of this package includes some of the Indian ports where the cruise ship halts. The journey starts from Abu Dhabi and after covering Dubai, cruises to Indian ports. The Indian ports of call are Mumbai, Goa, New Mangalore, and Cochin. The ship then proceeds to Colombo in Sri Lanka and then to Phuket and finally docks at Singapore.


The Indian cruise packages that start from Indian Ports


There are two cruise ship journeys that start from the Indian Ports. Descriptions of both of these are listed below:

1.17 Night Petra And Eilat Voyage: This journey starts from the Mumbai in India and covers the following ports in the course of journey Salalah in Oman, Aqaba in Jordan, Eilat in Israel, Safaga in Egypt. It then passes through Suez Canal to reach Paphos in Cyprus, and finally to Athens in Greece.


2.20 Night Seychelles and Maldives Voyage: Mumbai is the port of departure of this journey, but unlike the Petra and Eilat Voyage, this tour covers the Indian ports in the course of the journey. These cruises from India can be enjoyed at affordable prices.


On Board Accommodation


There are different types of accommodations available on board. It ranges from a modest inside cabin to the extravagant suits that have a butler who is available 24x7 to tend to your needs.


Activities while the ship is sailing


If you think that cruise ship journeys are only about exploring the destinations, then you could not be more wrong. A cruise ship is a host of unlimited fun. From the best restaurants to duty-free shops, it has all.


Those who are too stressed during the journey can relax at the spa and those willing to shed the holiday calories can work out at the well-equipped gym. For the honeymooners, an array of fine dining restaurants lets you enjoy a romantic evening.

The cruise ships also take note of your need of entertainment and so it has several discos where you can shake a leg with your beloved. The ship also has an on board casino where you can try your luck.

Booking your Journey on a Cruise Ship


In order to book a cruise ship journey, consider seeking the services of a cruise booking agent. The agent makes sure that you get the best cruise deals from India. He also makes sure that your journey is booked in a seamless manner. One needs to send him the details of the passengers and the choice of the cruise lines.